Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make our plant sale a success!


We could not have had a successful sale without all the awesome volunteers who gave of their time and energy!

Morning Volunteer Sessions Underway in Gardens

by Erin Eisen HAS President

We had a bit of a false start for garden volunteering this year due to the snow and colder temperatures. Luckily, the temperatures for the second week of April looked better, so we started working in the garden then.

We have much to do: cutting back perennials, weeding, picking up debris that has blown down into the garden from the trees, etc. We also have our new vegetable garden (located in the Demonstration Garden) to plant up. Board member Eva Regan has taken charge of the planning and planting of the vegetable garden — if you have a particular interest in this area, let us know!

Our current volunteer hours in the gardens are 9 a.m.-noon:

• Tuesdays we are at the Demonstration Garden with Rob Lucey leading.

• Wednesdays we’re at the Heritage Garden where Terry Webb heads activities.

• Thursdays we’re back at the Demonstration Garden with Louise Conner heading up the projects.

If you would like to get outdoors and help a good cause, sign up to volunteer here.

NOTE: We adjust our hours when the weather gets hot — usually starting at 8 or 8:30 a.m. We will let our volunteers know ahead of time. Also be watching your email for possible cancellations if the weather should take another freezing, snowy or particularly damp turn.

See you in the gardens!