Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 7:00 p.m., “Bats!”

bat_csu.jpgPresented by Carol Ann Freeman

The State Mined Lands and Reclamation Division deals with Colorado’s 10,000 disused mines, looking for hazardous conditions – and finding them! Inspectors found bats roosting in some of the mines, and Carol Ann Freeman and her husband Nick Wilson were among the volunteers who for the past 15 years have kept track of which mines are bat habitats. The program (now defunded) was called B/IMP, Bats in Active Mines Program. Carol Ann is a member of HAS, and we are so pleased when one of our members is involved in such an interesting project and is willing to talk to us about it. Come learn about those wonderful and mysterious creatures, the bats of Colorado.

Free to all at the East Library, 5550 E. Union Blvd.

Photo courtesy of Colorado State University.