Garden Design Lecture Series

Designing with Plants: Structure, Texture & Color

Presented by Diane Brunjes, HAS Gardener


dbrunjes lecture photo

Thanks go to Diane Brunjes by everyone who attended the sessions in April on designing with plants. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and idea-inspiring experience. We all came away with ideas on planning our gardens and adding wonderful three-season, colorful trees, shrubs, and perennials.


Wednesday, Jan 13, 2010, 7:00 p.m., “Vegetable Growing Secrets”

**Note, the newsletter lists this as Wednesday, Jan 11…the correct date is Jan 13**

Presented by Larry Stebbins, Pikes Peak Urban Gardens

Larry Stebbins will open the Horticultural Art Society’s 2010 series of programs at East Library and Information Center with his “25 Top Secrets of Growing Great Vegetables in the Pikes Peak Region.” Larry will talk about Pikes Peak Urban Gardens, the gardens at the Wolfe estate on Cheyenne Road, and plans for other urban gardens.

Free to all at the East Library, 5550 E. Union Blvd.

Wednesday, June 10: 7:00 PM, “Reducing Work in the Garden: Strategies and Tips”

Presented by Patsy Sullivan

Everyone has work to do in the garden for cleanup and maintenance, but there are questions you may want to consider: What circumstances or plants do you have that create more work for you? Are there products or methods that could save time and labor? come learn about ways to change your approach in order to reduce the time spent on maintenance and create more time for enjoying your beautiful garden.

Free to all at the East Library, 5550 E. Union Blvd.