Vegetable Garden Update

by  Erin Eisen, HAS Trustee

Volunteers remove plants from the old garden

Photo Credit: Kathy Brown

We are making excellent progress on the Vegetable Garden!  On July 7th, the Board approved moving ahead with the project. The Veg Garden committee met with our contractor and finalized measurements and details, including the approval of the prototype for the raised garden beds.

On July 19th thru the 21st several volunteers removed plants from the old garden and potted them up to replant in the new garden, as well as removing weeds and shoring up the grapevine. Daniel and his crew from Parks and Rec spent three hours scraping and leveling the area and relocating the soil for us to re-use.

The second phase of the project, the fencing and trellis, is underway, and we are awaiting the prototype for the first fence panel (a combination of wire fencing and hardware wire for rabbit deterrence). The west side of the garden with the grape trellis will be the last part of phase two of the project. Our contractor has been wonderful to work with and we thank all of you who have been contributing ideas and physical labor to the project!

One of the raised beds for the renovated vegetable garden

Photo Credit:  Sue Thomas