Sept. 8, 2015: Lecture Series – “DOG FRIENDLY GARDENS” – Ideas for Peaceful Coexistence

Sept. 8, 2015 at Library 21C7pm – FREE and Open to Public

Do you have a dog who is an escape artist?  A digger?  Is he lounging in the water feature or chewing up the deck?  Barking too aggressively at the fence and annoying the neighbors?  Ever wonder why the pooch is doing these things and what you can do about it?  Come to this class and learn things you might never have realized about your beloved pup, and get ideas on how to reduce these behaviors through a few garden adjustments or additions.  Lawn spots?  We will cover that too, as well as toxic plants and dangerous items your pet may get into.  Linda Brennen, of Canine Coach, will be co-teaching this class with Pat Sullivan of Smart Garden Design.  Linda is a certified professional dog trainer who really understands dog behavior and can clue you in on why your dog does those crazy things that drive you mad.  This is a great chance to talk with a dog trainer or a garden designer with your questions.  Come on out–you can’t ask questions on YouTube!

Pat Sullivan has a degree in Horticulture from Texas A&M and has been in the horticulture field for more than thirty years.  She enjoys giving seminars on landscape design and plant science, hoping to help you solve your garden dilemmas in a beautiful way.

Linda Brennen , CPDT,  is a certified professional dog trainer with more than twenty years’ experience training dogs.  Her business is Canine Coach, Inc., and you can find her on FaceBook.  Why does your dog want to jump up on visitors?  Linda can tell you…


Directions to Library 21C