Wednesday, August 14 , 2013, 6:00 & 7:00 p.m., “Plant Select”

plant_select_logo.jpegPresented by Pam Hamamoto and Cathie Schroeder

**This month’s program takes place at the Penrose Library!**

Cathie and Pam will look in depth at the Plant Select program, which introduces underutilized plants that are suited to the Front Range area. They’ll highlight some of the great plants over the years and introduce the new plants for 2014. The Carnegie Garden at Penrose Library is a stunning Plant Select garden in a very dry location that will be open at 6 pm through the doors from the main floor of the library. The talk will begin at 7 pm in the Adult/Children meeting room.

Free to all at the Penrose Library – 20 N. Cascade Ave.

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